Rules to be a great artist.

Everyone has their own rules, of course. Based on their personality, they created their own rules to archieve their dreams.

However, what fits me the most is Bakuman’s rules. Though, I have to modify them a bit.

No, I’m not a man, but as an artist and comic artist, this worths to be rules of life ^^

1. Never create a superficial work. Pour your blood into the ink !

To me, this is the most second important rule. People around me often said the otherwise. “Don’t think your current project is the biggest and best project you’ve ever made.” I’m agree if it’s for the sake of improving, but I won’t agree if it’s for the sake of avoiding the risks. And another interesting one, because one said they had to put their soul and heart into the comic, while they never start anything because of this and that. The rules are difficult because if you fail, it’ll hurt a lot because your blood is in it, but hey, let’s look on the other rules 😀

2. Never chase after popularity, which is as transient as flower. Dig deep in the earth and put down roots.

While everyone doesn’t want to admit this, but unconsciously we are after the love, including me of course. Some even after it extremely but denying it, and it’s very annoying to see. But if you ask me to translate it, it said to you that “do never chase it” , instead you have to “make it chasing you”. Don’t ever make popularity number 1 in your heart, or else you don’t even know why the heck you even make the art. It is as evil as money.

3. No matter how much status you attain,  you must never have regrets. If the choice is between the peace and the storm, choose the storm.

This is a crazy rule. It’s like you have to choose between life and death. I never have regrets until now, but I haven’t had any guts to choose the storm yet. But someday, I will and I have to.

4. If you should fail, never cry. Study your failure and let it give birth to a success.

When you do rules no 1, it may become difficult to do this one. But for me, this is the very easiest rule. Maybe I’m just that type of the person who doesn’t like to look back, since it has no use. Sure, there are times I’m in distress whether I’ll make the same mistakes or not, but it’s tiring to think about it endlessly.

5. Be conceited, think you can do better than the others.

While this seem to teach you to be arrogant, actually that’s not the case. People who think such as that shallow is a fool. This teaches you about the guts and spirits of competition. Lack of confidence will kill you, and until today I haven’t been able to do this rule. While if you’re a pro reading this, you should be agree about this. If you can’t do better, why are you worth to be paid ? How can you stand out ?

6. Work hard.

Only two words and it describes everything. It’s kinda the same as rules no. 1, but I beg to differ here. While rules no 1 tells you about the heart, this tells you to work and observe technically and objectively. Learning, researching, studying, stealing ideas, everything. It’s very recommended if you’re not a genius, because nothing is instantly there just because of your heart is there. Thousands of artists worked very hard, can you do harder than them ? Work hard in every aspects!

7. Be lucky.

This seem like only an additional rule to the others. Yes, success will be obtained if you work hard, I’m sure of it. But from my experience as an artist, which is still 4year, I have experienced of this rules very much. God allows and forbids you as He wants, well if you said you don’t believe in God let’s just say it’s The Universe. An artist’s path isn’t as rough as comic artist, this rule is really crucial for comic’s path, since you may have do rule no 1 until no 6 but your comic doesn’t sell to make you live. This is a cruel rule and thus makes you to be a gambler.

8. Even if you obey the previous rules, don’t  ever think you alone are right. Learn from everything and everyone around you!

I accidentaly save this rule for the last and this is the most important to me. This teaches you to expand your knowledge to the max and be nice to other people. A very easy rule to me, but I bet many others think this rule as a douche. It’s not rare to see people think they are always right because it’s their principle and thus it makes them firm, while they don’t know whether it’ll waste their time years by years or not. Learn from the others, even if it’s your enemy.

There’s an additional rules besides of rules above. It is:

9. The wise knows when to shut up and when to open their mouth.

Words are as evil as money and popularity when you don’t use it wisely. It can destroy your masterpiece into mere pieces. If you’re arrogant, just shut it. If you’re money-lover, who else isn’t ? Words exaggrate your inner feelings, don’t be talkative unless people ask you to answer.

10. Everybody is going down on different paths, there’re some smoother and rougher than mine.

This rule tells me to work hard endlessly while grateful of what I’ve had until now. It’s as simple as that.


11. Health is number one of everything.

The biggest thing yet distraction to us , humans are this thing called health. If you were sick and die because of it, all your works become futile. So remember to eat good, sleep good and have some exercise.


And of course, my rules aren’t always the right ones. Like I said before, everyone have their own rules. So which are yours? 😀


All d’ best

– Mimi N


4 thoughts on “Rules to be a great artist.

  1. “If you’re arrogant, just shut it. If you’re money-lover, who else isn’t ? Words exaggerate your inner feelings, don’t be talkative unless people ask you to answer.”
    wise words.. I need to learn about this one..

    who said being an artist are easy eh?

    • LOL it’s not easy of course, but we have to make it just simpler. Focusing on our works is the best example, social matters aren’t our priority after all.

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