WIP : World Inverse vol 0 — PHASE II

I’m speed-painting again due to no time. Bet you’re tired hearing me saying that phrase, huh? But I really don’t have time to refine, here this goes:


It’s WIP of the promotion illustration of World Inverse vol 0 preorder – PHASE II. Maybe it’ll took 2-3 more hours to finish. Let’s see if I can finish this 2-3days later. I hope it can be better than my latest art.

Oh yeah, my latest art is also speed-painted. It’s this:Image

RYOUGI SHIKI ❤ Man how can I forget her, I really wish there’re more KnK in the future, even if it seems impossible.

I draw this to maintain my art skill. It is scary to see many talented artists in facebook and deviantArt that keep growing and I’m going nowhere.

In other hand, I realized there’s a lot of contests I wanna go in *rofl* this is a major problem, duh.

*random post but whatever*

All d’ best

– Mimi N


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