Sketch Corner #2

Eventhough I was exhausted due to hanging out with friends and watching The Avengers (wow that film was awesome, I should rewatch it) I still feel an urge to do sketches. Here are the last night’s sketches:

It’s my OC in the past. Still trying the new style, quite fond of the hair but still find it’s hard on overall consistency.

Well it’s a he. He’s my past OC too, the boyfriend of the previous girl above. Aww my gosh, the proportion… but I have to practice more! >.<

Learning walking gesture from a certain angle. Quite hard, the pose looks so stiff but I dunno how to make it better.

Last is the pic of Vertynne. He will be the first male main character that appread in World Inverse. I shall draw him more because I still haven’t decide on his body proportion,whether it’s a bit muscled or a bit skinny…

Well that’s that for last night. Hope I can do more tonight 😀


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