Sketch Corner #4

I’m opening World Inverse vol 0 preorder today. If you’re interested for more info you can go to this link ^^

Okaay after a long time, a bit rant here.. I’m so pissed off when I read someone’s comment about their own arts and saying “this is ugly and fail” “I want beat this art up” “so messy, I’m not worth of it”  Cmon…srsly ? I won’t say who is who, and I know some of my close friends do say that too, it’s a common thing and it’s kinda weird angry about that….riddiculous thing, but can I be angry even if it’s just half a day ? I was about to compliment them because their art are so good that I wanted to clap my hands, but because of their words in the description, I backed off. Okay internet man, troll as you wish. I can’t respect people who doesn’t respect their own self.



Ya! Done the rants!

Back on the sketch corner! So last night I tried drawing a male and a female on a pic, and I found a new problem.

Yeah they’re my past OCs too but I forgot their name =))

What’s the problem? The proportion’s comparison. When I first drawing them, it seemed to me like the male and the female’s drawing style was different. Even now, I found they don’t match each other. I don’t know why, is it just my feeling? I mean, when I draw them separately it feel good, the girl was cute, the boy is (quite) good, but when I combine them, it seems off. It’s like they’re from two different comic…

Because I’m curious, I decided to make a comic strip and it becomes a bit… worse. I’m back to my old style and the boys look girlish. The proportion is off..lalala well nothing instant, I’ll have to practice more!


That’s all for today, because tomorrow is sunday I might not upload something tho.

All d’ best

– Mimi N


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