Sketch Corner #5

I caught artblock on Saturday. By artblock I mean, I can draw things but don’t feel like having a soul on it. One kind of artblock that mostly sucks.

But I still did sketching XD


Here’s the sketch I told you. I did this when I was in artblock, well… it may be come up good but doesn’t satisfy me.


Did sketching using pen. It’s been a loooooooooong time I’ve abandoned using pen for drawing medium. I’m glad I’m not deproving. By the way, I really love this chara, I can’t wait to draw her in World Inverse. Can’t draw her many times before her apperance though.


I did this by pencil btw. Yea I love Rye more than Livt, but maybe it’s because I know the character more than anyone else and know further ahead of their stories. Hopefully there’re more and more people loving them šŸ™‚


After a long time, finally practicing inking by drawing pen. I kinda want to practice back using B4 paper and G Pen, tho I must buy a new ink since it was spilled out -.-”

By the way, I’ve been researching on some comics lately. Wanna know why I can’t grasp the feel yet. Is it because I don’t use G-Pen? it’s one of my idealism nature that drawing comics doesn’t simply drawing. My friend said that I must change my lazy behaviour and doing the works with full focus and dedication so that I will understand it. Technique is easy to understand, but delivering message is hard to do.

See u tomorrow! ^^

All d’ best

– Mimi N


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