Sketch Challenge – Nostalgy #1

Hi Mimi is here. I decided to have a ‘challenge theme’ for each one or two days for my sketch. I decide to open my old sketchbook back when I’m 17 and redraw them.

Ah it’s been 6years– not much of improvement on the style and proportion, but I guess it’s because I’m not focused on practicing. Yeah, colouring, inking, backgrounds, storytelling, characterization, plotting etc dkk blabla…

*ehem* let’s just start shall we?

I proceed from my first ever story concept. Yes story concept, they’re not my first comic. The first ever comic made is ‘Reincarnated’ which was made in 2006, while I started writing story concept on 2000. This first one is named Magic Lady.

Do you know pokemon? Back then, I was so obsessed with pokemon. I could’ve done the pokemon rap, remember all 151pokemons, buy their card deck which is back then it’s 52000 IDR each, now maybe it costs about 300000 IDR, yeah?

Now, Magic Lady is the story about… “pokemons”. Sort of plagiarism, no? Back then I didn’t even know that word. It’s just something I want to create, some world that is mine. Pokemons but not pokemons. The difference is, the creatures are all female genders and they have a human form each.

Because there’re 52 total of magic ladies, I can’t draw them one by one for now, so I’ll just start by the main charas.

This is the main character:


Cute isn’t it? ❤

She’s named Mamichu. LOOL! The name is so lame.

She’s evolved to Papichu by the end of story. She has problems with her anti-social personality. She feels that she’s the most lonely person in the world, yet she doesn’t want to befriend anyone. Weird, but I think it describes the past me back then lol.


This is the human form of Mamichu, I can’t find the first most version I draw her back then in 2006. I shall search them tonight.


This is her (self-proclaimed) best friend named Ballmion. Sorry I don’t put the animal form because it’s too lame lol. She looks mature, doesnt she? Honestly, she’s the most childish creature in the world I made. Most innocent, the purest, the kindest, the most annoying LOL. She evolved to rescue mamichu from falling to the cliff. I forgot her last evo’s stage name.


This innocent and quite one named Triaritry. I named her that because he has three horns in her animal form. She’s the first one to evolve in the story because of her maturity and courage to face the fate. She’s also the close friend of Mamichu, but her real best friend is Thunderfairy.


Thunderfairy! I honestly love her design the most. The human form, it is.


She’s cheeky. Not a bad people, but pretty much she always have something under her sleeves. Though, only Triaritry knows her the most, she knows when Thunderfairy is lying much from the behaviour. Their relationship is pretty cute XD

Eh, well yeah there’s no male yet here since back then I dont like male chara LOOL.

Okay that’s that. See u tomorrow 😀

All d best

– Mimi N


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