Because title “Some Updates and News” are too mainstream…

LOL I make a wrong post just now… I guess it’s been a long time I didn’t drop by that I forgot how to insert photos on the post. Talk about an idiot…

Random title is random…

Well anyway, hello again to all of you. This month I tried to go back to my usual lifestyle: doing commissions and World Inverse (yes it’s still continued) though for some reason I have some bad things with my socialization and such… if you have to imagine what I look like now, in sims game maybe my social bar has dropped to red zone and crying uttering some gibberish words..

Eh , I’ll end the chat. Here is some pics I’ve made for practice during this last week. I didn’t upload them in deviantart because… they’re just practice. I don’t want to spam my watcher’s inbox.


(I draw her for practice because her colour scheme is the most hellish I’ve ever created. Srsly, there’s a lot of times I thought “why did I create a chara with brown,red,green,black,white….all colour scheme in one character? You must be trolling me…” but it’s quite a great practice)


(yes it’s my Gravatar and the future characters in World Inverse)


(Ah well…I’m kinda sad when I did this pic.. but I guess I am sooooooo grateful I can draw. I can dump all my emotion to my drawing and voila, I’m fine now)

I want to practice further but time said “hellooo it’s Nov 06 right now and you still didn’t do your commission you jerk~~~” so I guess I’ll stop for a while. I decide this blog will have some feature of works I didn’t upload in devArt and some WIPs too.

So here’s my current WIP:


…. so I guess that’s all ?

Gosh, as a human I really lack things. I should try expand my world beside comic and anime some time in the future. Srsly, have to get a life.

And oh by the way, I want to eat sushi and watch Skyfall right now *random thought*

“Have no fear of perfection, You’ll never reach it. – Dali”


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