I want to finish it but then I don’t want..


You know what I’ve been detailing this part for 2weeks and I’m so, so PISSED off for doing so.




I mean okayyy I havent drawn a forest before and now I draw it comes out NOT –okay not that it’s not good, but srsly  I mean it THIS SHOULD’VE BEEN BETTER !! …and look at that– I haven’t even detailed half top right it’s like screaming HELLO PLS PAINT ME ? …and the right bottom symbol UGH why it’s purple?? When the rest are blue, damnit I did a wrong colour-balance. Damn I wanna repaint but I can’t make the commissioner wait too long T__T


No I’m not that upset, actually.. the truth is I’m afraid. The client will be angry if I don’t finish this quickly, plus if I don’t draw good it’ll disappoint her.


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