Sharing some thoughts + Warmup 23.11.2012

I have just finished my commission after 15days struggling ^^ I’m glad, eventhough I was slightly stressed and dying few days ago, the outcome is very good and my client is very satisfied. I’m very happy, there’s nothing make me happier when my art can make someone happy ^_^

Well to be precise, she’s shocked.

How can this:

become like this:

In her first commission too, she said that she didn’t expect the outcome will be like that.

This is something that always happen with me some long time ago. I planned something, I imagined it will be like this, but it ended up different like what I planned earlier. It can be far better, it can be worse. This is why I called myself ‘luck-based’ artist.

This is one of things that make me obsessed with art. When in halfway, you get stuck. You detest yourself, especially when some hard critiques come to you, you ended up confused and dunno what’s better anymore. It was tough, really. I feel like I don’t like drawing anymore. I feel like no one will like my art. (okay this is an exaggration) Or maybe because I was a girl, I’m confused very easily. My mood swing is pretty, pretty bad.

But I really believe, when you are stuck, when you think art is no fun anymore, there’s something hidden in that which will make you stronger. And when you did it, the satisfaction is multiplied, like many times. I feel like those stresses and rants few days ago have never been there from the start.  My previous commission was also like that too. I got stuck, I dunno what to do to that art to make it better, but in the end the client is very happy, which makes me so happy.

So, just believe in yourself.

Well yeah, I’m still lack of confidence till now. But I will try to get it back. I have to. Because, while I weep over something I thought I can’t do, people around me try to do it and they make it, thus I come to regret it even more and ended up wasting time not doing anything.

So, get up. We musn’t give up. No matter how difficult, we may be stressed and bored when doing the art, but always remember to enjoy, whatever will be, will be, because only you who can draw your own art.

So, for you who want tips to overcome artblocks:

1. The hell with anatomy, proportion, perspective, techniques etc etc. Be perfectionist won’t make you any good. Only remember that the art you make is part of your soul, you spent hours making it, so it’s better be the best that you can draw in that moment. 

2. If you’re stuck and bored with your current drawing, delete it. Repaint it. Your heart isn’t with that drawing anymore. (though I can’t say this if you have deadlines, of course) I left my entry in some comic competition, not because I’m afraid I’ll lose, but I just don’t feel something half-hearted like that have to be born.

3. If you have strict deadlines, always remember what my friend told me “Just imagine you’ll die tomorrow. You’ll die and unable to make art anymore.” this moves me and I don’t have time to think about this and that. Well if you die, nothing matters right ?

4. If number 3 doesn’t do any good to you, just get out from that chair. GET THE HELL OUT. Don’t play games nor browsing, sometimes browsing makes me down even more. Go out to your usual mall, go to the zoo, go to festivals, hang out with your friends, travel outside the city if you can. Have fun. Enjoy. Just a day will do. Then get back and draw again.

5. If number 4 is no good too, then something is wrong with you.  Just sleep and turn off your internet. Get away from things that makes you lazy. You require to gather some will here.

6. Be patient. We’re not some geniouses like picasso, or even picasso need days to make one painting. Nothing instant will come good. If I keep telling myself I have to do this art in 6 hours just because people around me can do it, I can’t improve.

And last tip is:




Enjoy the stress and artblocks too, if you can.

If you have deadlines, some tips above maybe can’t be applied. But if you truly enjoy art, automatically you’ll get away from other things such as browsing (especially to me is Twitter) But you are different than me, who only have 5hours in computer max and can’t sleep above 00.00 AM due to my health issues, you have at least 20hours a day to make your arts, so spent it well.

Sorry if there’s some offensive words there. And here’s my warmup for today:

I want to tribute something to Pixiv since they have made my day. I got mails that I am one of Mirai competition’s winners  (though I have to read it by google translate LOL)

And oh look, the download has finished. Time to watch Psycho Pass ^_^

Have a great Friday, everyone! ^_^

– Mimi N

“Be grateful to God for creating you, because only you who can make your own art.”


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