Warmup 4.12.2012

Warmup 4.12.2012

Making my comic as always, and I’ve got confirmation for commissioner as well. Lately I always dreamed of this OC. His name is Rouk. His story is so sad I always cried if I remembered his story (it’s not that tragic but he’s the first character I made and bullied a lot)

Well the story is quite cliche.. he was used to be bad, one of The Dark Ruler (gyah I don’t want to explain the details, too long) he hurt this girl who loved him and ended up captured, punished to obey the girl (apparently the girl is a Light Ruler) At first Rouk hated her for the humiliation to obey her, but the hate turned into feelings that he can’t describe. The girl always tormented him, wanting him to suffer and bullied him a lot. Even so, Rouk always hope he can make her happy at least once, to pay what he did in the past. But the girl always cried saying he shouldn’t have existed, he seeing the girl start to love somebody else, not to mention Rouk was forced to kill the guy and being blamed for it, then the girl was trying suicide too (but she didn’t die) left him broken and turned his personality 100%.

There’s a lot of his tragic story aside from that. Cliche isn’t it? But I love him so much. Sadly I haven’t continued the story again, until now he still hasn’t received any happiness he deserved.


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