No warmups since it’s apocalypse..

Just kidding.




Can I scream now? Can I cry now?

I know I exxaggrate, but I can’t help it…


Look at that poor face ._.” damn you Makishima what the hell with that 0 Crime Co-efficient. What’s with you, Psycho Pass? Why the hell can you even better episode by episode ?? I always think every week that “oh this latest episode is the best so far” and yet it took my breath once more. Creepy, dark, scary. I’m grateful I didn’t watch this at night. Just the thing that still, the psychology and whatever-glory-of-life talks still bored me.


And It’s not like I don’t understand why Makishima is like that, if I recall Livt is just exactly like him LOL.


I kinda regret I search for spoiler few days ago. If I haven’t done it, the impact will be way bigger to me. Heck, eventhough I’ve read it, I think I even forgot to breath in the last moment.

Akane stay strong T_T Kougami definetely doesn’t want you to be an Enforcer..


AND WHAT? Episode 12 will be aired 18days later ?? NOO HOW COULD YOU– THE SUSPENSE DAMMIT!!



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