Warmup 3.1.2013


Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been absent too long, havent I? ^_^; I haven’t done any coloured image yet besides the New Year pic, I don’t know when to do it again (well..next commission is background style again, so maybe I’ll do it by late January)

Anyway I don’t have any specific resolution. Not that I’m satisfied with my current condition. If any, I just want my arts to inspire people more, want my drawing and comic to make people’s day better and hold a value in their hearts. Hahaha it’s so embarassing  >_< also if possible, I want my body to be healthier and stronger so I can have more work time.

“Always be modest,humble and sincere.  I’ll work hard to show that self to you.” – Yoo Jae Suk

(I’m really a fan of Jae Suk. His self camera inspired me that even a grand celebrity like him has struggling and insecurity.)


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