Secret Valentine Wishlist

Decided to write it here instead of my journal LOL. I’m very thankful to be invited again, I hope I can do the best I draw this time and make the person happy too!


So, for the person who will draw my part, I’m really thankful. You’ll make my days in a few weeks later ^^ I just want you to draw this girl:

and this girl:

well.. the theme is Valentine but don’t make them yuri please. Their relationship is like siblings (though they are not) I look forward how wonderful you’ll draw them in the future! ^^ you can change their clothes if you think it’s confusing!

If you want other references you can read the comic at


Ah — if you prefer to draw boy then please draw this couple:

yeah it’s the second girl with the boy (not exactly her boyfriend though)


Thank you so much again!

All d’ best

– Mimi N


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