Practice with G-PEN and MARU-PEN

It’s been a long time I don’t use them, maybe 2years? Anyway when I tried again, I forgot how to use them, ended up being messy >_> it’s a problem, since I plan to use them to make comic for zenon competition. I have to practice from the start again.

The difference is, this time I’m using imStudio B4 paper. When I hold the pen, It felt like I was a decent mangaka, using tools that most Japanese mangaka used ^__^;; and seconds after that, I realized I suck LOL.

Like Miura-sensei said, if you don’t practice much, you’ll end up stay behind. Worse, you’ll forget how to use it.

Here is my first practices:Image

the very first try after years ^_^ using g pen and 100% beta. I spend too much inking lol but you know, it has some..different feels inking those beta compared to just paint-bucketing it on photoshop.


still with g pen, but I used many maru pen on this. I am pretty fond of maru pen, but the line is too thin therefore I have to make the main lines with g-pen first then detail it with maru-pen.

By the way, anyone knows how to make straight line using ruler and g-pen? I tried many times during making beta flash and the ink..well going everywhere. I still don’t know how to make it properly and the tints won’t go crazy like this:


It’s been years and it’s very fun! It’s much more fun than doing digital lining, I don’t know why, eventhough there’s no undo button, still can’t grasp the feel and it’s so messy ^_^ I’ll practice for one week then I’ll have to start doing the comic no matter how bad the result ^_^;

wish me luck~ look forward for another result!


2012 Art Summary

Ahem! First of all– Merry Christmas! I’ll be away for a week due to holiday, it’s possible I won’t make any other pic than the last one I made in FB/DA , yeah that Yin Yang pic may be the last one of 2012.


Now to the point. Let’s close the year with an art summary! I didn’t do this the past 2 years but now I’m curious to look back what I did this year:

2012 Art Summary Meme Blank


Ahh… I don’t think I’ll explain it month by month. I bet you won’t even read it, right?


You see those pic which I made them a bit reddish? Yeah, February to June (except April) I don’t even know what the hell I drew back then. Those months are when I doodled and doodled and doodled and there’s no decent pic to find. I wonder what was I doing back then? =_=” I have a 4 month gap and start to be serious again in August, thus making me to improve slower this year.

uhm so yeah, there’s an incosistency of colour style, I suppose. I don’t even know if I’m improving or not. But it’s really fun to do those different styles ^^ it’s a good year (except for those 4months which I think I don’t draw any) A really,really good year.


I receive quite a number of commissions and given many jobs, my comic World Inverse sold very well (maybe 150 isn’t a great number but heck, it’s everything to me) also my other oneshot comic 2PM sold quite well too (I recall  53 are sold) I won 3 contests this year: Reinvent OC contest, LYTO contest and Mirai Suenaga contest. It’s a shame I cancel my entry to KKI competition but apparently the entry receive so many positive feedbacks…all is really, really well ^^

With this I suppose my path as illustrator is quite smooth, but as a comic author, I still have a loooooooooong way to go! Especially the faith in myself, the power not to procastinate, the skill to make everything alive. I hope next year I can be better in those aspects! Things will be more challenging next year, be prepared!!


Special thanks to:


My family

My best friends

My editor

KOMIKOO friends

and YOU!

See you next year!! ^^