2012 Art Summary

Ahem! First of all– Merry Christmas! I’ll be away for a week due to holiday, it’s possible I won’t make any other pic than the last one I made in FB/DA , yeah that Yin Yang pic may be the last one of 2012.


Now to the point. Let’s close the year with an art summary! I didn’t do this the past 2 years but now I’m curious to look back what I did this year:

2012 Art Summary Meme Blank


Ahh… I don’t think I’ll explain it month by month. I bet you won’t even read it, right?


You see those pic which I made them a bit reddish? Yeah, February to June (except April) I don’t even know what the hell I drew back then. Those months are when I doodled and doodled and doodled and there’s no decent pic to find. I wonder what was I doing back then? =_=” I have a 4 month gap and start to be serious again in August, thus making me to improve slower this year.

uhm so yeah, there’s an incosistency of colour style, I suppose. I don’t even know if I’m improving or not. But it’s really fun to do those different styles ^^ it’s a good year (except for those 4months which I think I don’t draw any) A really,really good year.


I receive quite a number of commissions and given many jobs, my comic World Inverse sold very well (maybe 150 isn’t a great number but heck, it’s everything to me) also my other oneshot comic 2PM sold quite well too (I recall  53 are sold) I won 3 contests this year: Reinvent OC contest, LYTO contest and Mirai Suenaga contest. It’s a shame I cancel my entry to KKI competition but apparently the entry receive so many positive feedbacks…all is really, really well ^^

With this I suppose my path as illustrator is quite smooth, but as a comic author, I still have a loooooooooong way to go! Especially the faith in myself, the power not to procastinate, the skill to make everything alive. I hope next year I can be better in those aspects! Things will be more challenging next year, be prepared!!


Special thanks to:


My family

My best friends

My editor

KOMIKOO friends

and YOU!

See you next year!! ^^


Soon available to order: OHB2PM

Hi guys! It’s been a long time I didn’t update anything. It’s not that I don’t practice, but if I’m allowed to do a bit rant, I was very sick of drawing these past days. More like, I was getting tired of anime/manga style, getting sick of the inconsistency of art, sick of the colouring– and blahblah that I’m sure you don’t wanna hear of.


Move to the main part. *ahem*

Here is the (official) teaser of my upcoming (oneshot) comic that will be exclusively sold on ComiFuro July 15-16th, 2012. The name is

Our Hours Beyond 2 PM

….kinda long title isn’t it? LOL.

Honestly, the one which will be sold is the side story version. So yeah, originally there’s no thing of the main story yet. It’s a simple story actually. A romance comedy story. I’ll tell more of it if the preorder opens.

Regarding this comic, I want to point two things:

  • This comic is exclusively sold on Comifuro (besides of online ordering) so if you asked if there’s another reprinting, I’ll say none. (Same as World Inverse vol 0, there won’t be any reprint again in the future)
  • Whether the main story will be made or not it depends on the audience’s reaction. If this is no good, I think I’ll just save this comic for fun only. LOL.

And so , here’s a peek inside the book:

The content is 20 pages in A5 size. About the price I can’t say it up yet, more details will be told when the order opens, precisely will be next week (or as soon as the cover whose colouring stressed me out recently finished successfully)

And because of the recent events that I dunno why but there’s so damn many of them, World Inverse will be delayed maybe until September. A longest gap ever, but I can’t help it. I’m just one puny human.

And that’s that. If you don’t mind please share/retweet/etc this news to your other friend. Every spreading will be so much helpful.

Thank you so much! See you later!

– Mimi N

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