Comic First Impression — Kentang


This review contains spoiler from chapter 1 and is full of (maybe rude) subjective opinion as a 100% comic reader’s view and not a creator’s view. Thus I must say, I have my own personal taste of comic. Not to mention the story only has been going for 14pages. You’ve been WARNED.

Kentang ( english – Potato) © 2012 Makko / Jho Tan

Episode 01

Story is about a girl named Kentang that likes eating and wants to be a chef , thus she travels to the big city (Jakarta) to study about cooking. Chapter 1 ends up with Kentang met with her soulmate a boy named Pandu.

Hmm okay, reminds me of Yakitate Japan.


It’s only 14pages, I know I know. First impression may be false, but I didn’t know how to put this….

The food doesn’t look that delicious to me.

And still questioning why she should go to chef school if her motive is ONLY to eat delicious food. I love to eat too, but I don’t want to be a chef. Hell, I am lazy to cook myself. My bro loves eating too but instead of going to school, he said he just want to open a restaurant and learn cooking from my mom. Or maybe opening a franchise restaurant.

I’m not telling that the motive is not believable, it’s actually the opposite. It’s TOO believable so that it’s too common and Kentang’s characteristic isn’t that interesting to me to follow her story (except her unique name, that is). Unless there’re some hidden and unlocked reasons that I haven’t known, and if it’s really so then this comic will definitely be one of Makko’s best comic.

Not to mention the art style is too childish for my taste, though I should say the comic’s selling point isn’t the graphic, it must be the story and character.

But it isn’t a bad comic, it’s actually a potential, great one. (compared to some comics in the makko itself..) I’m looking forward for more pages and see if it can change my first impression…..if only the foods can look more delicious in the future.