I want to finish it but then I don’t want..


You know what I’ve been detailing this part for 2weeks and I’m so, so PISSED off for doing so.




I mean okayyy I havent drawn a forest before and now I draw it comes out NOT –okay not that it’s not good, but srsly  I mean it THIS SHOULD’VE BEEN BETTER !! …and look at that– I haven’t even detailed half top right it’s like screaming HELLO PLS PAINT ME ? …and the right bottom symbol UGH why it’s purple?? When the rest are blue, damnit I did a wrong colour-balance. Damn I wanna repaint but I can’t make the commissioner wait too long T__T


No I’m not that upset, actually.. the truth is I’m afraid. The client will be angry if I don’t finish this quickly, plus if I don’t draw good it’ll disappoint her.

Respect Your Heroes


It’s a great day. It’s a great number (10.11.12) I was supposed to take a day off today, but after I make this pic, I’m thinking “why not working now?” I’m getting fired up all of the sudden. Really, I’m grateful I can draw. Call me narcism, but my own pic encourage me. I hope those who see this pic getting fired up as well.

It’s been a long time I want to make a pic dedicated to Heroes Day. If there weren’t any heroes in the past, I won’t be able to live peacefully, to draw, to dream, and to realize that dream.

And also, It’s just a little thanks from me to them, which are already dead or still alive. My desire to make this pic increased more after I watch a film from Pre Hellofest weeks ago, there’s this story about a former hero telling his past story and said “why are things ended up like this? Dear my friend…we’re better to die in war years ago than dying being abandoned by our country like this.” then he sold all of his war inventories in order to stay alive. A simple story, but it makes me antonished. It makes me teared. How cruel we are, not only to those who’re already dead, but to those who live as well. You may say, ahh the hell I care to all those sentimental craps, just like that people who buy his inventories.

So I just wanna say that..you, heroes aren’t forgotten. At least, not by me. I will try to use my time well, sorry if I was slacking off several past days, but please keep watching us now and in the future.

God Bless Indonesia!!

Because title “Some Updates and News” are too mainstream…

LOL I make a wrong post just now… I guess it’s been a long time I didn’t drop by that I forgot how to insert photos on the post. Talk about an idiot…

Random title is random…

Well anyway, hello again to all of you. This month I tried to go back to my usual lifestyle: doing commissions and World Inverse (yes it’s still continued) though for some reason I have some bad things with my socialization and such… if you have to imagine what I look like now, in sims game maybe my social bar has dropped to red zone and crying uttering some gibberish words..

Eh , I’ll end the chat. Here is some pics I’ve made for practice during this last week. I didn’t upload them in deviantart because… they’re just practice. I don’t want to spam my watcher’s inbox.


(I draw her for practice because her colour scheme is the most hellish I’ve ever created. Srsly, there’s a lot of times I thought “why did I create a chara with brown,red,green,black,white….all colour scheme in one character? You must be trolling me…” but it’s quite a great practice)


(yes it’s my Gravatar and the future characters in World Inverse)


(Ah well…I’m kinda sad when I did this pic.. but I guess I am sooooooo grateful I can draw. I can dump all my emotion to my drawing and voila, I’m fine now)

I want to practice further but time said “hellooo it’s Nov 06 right now and you still didn’t do your commission you jerk~~~” so I guess I’ll stop for a while. I decide this blog will have some feature of works I didn’t upload in devArt and some WIPs too.

So here’s my current WIP:


…. so I guess that’s all ?

Gosh, as a human I really lack things. I should try expand my world beside comic and anime some time in the future. Srsly, have to get a life.

And oh by the way, I want to eat sushi and watch Skyfall right now *random thought*

“Have no fear of perfection, You’ll never reach it. – Dali”

Soon available to order: OHB2PM

Hi guys! It’s been a long time I didn’t update anything. It’s not that I don’t practice, but if I’m allowed to do a bit rant, I was very sick of drawing these past days. More like, I was getting tired of anime/manga style, getting sick of the inconsistency of art, sick of the colouring– and blahblah that I’m sure you don’t wanna hear of.


Move to the main part. *ahem*

Here is the (official) teaser of my upcoming (oneshot) comic that will be exclusively sold on ComiFuro July 15-16th, 2012. The name is

Our Hours Beyond 2 PM

….kinda long title isn’t it? LOL.

Honestly, the one which will be sold is the side story version. So yeah, originally there’s no thing of the main story yet. It’s a simple story actually. A romance comedy story. I’ll tell more of it if the preorder opens.

Regarding this comic, I want to point two things:

  • This comic is exclusively sold on Comifuro (besides of online ordering) so if you asked if there’s another reprinting, I’ll say none. (Same as World Inverse vol 0, there won’t be any reprint again in the future)
  • Whether the main story will be made or not it depends on the audience’s reaction. If this is no good, I think I’ll just save this comic for fun only. LOL.

And so , here’s a peek inside the book:

The content is 20 pages in A5 size. About the price I can’t say it up yet, more details will be told when the order opens, precisely will be next week (or as soon as the cover whose colouring stressed me out recently finished successfully)

And because of the recent events that I dunno why but there’s so damn many of them, World Inverse will be delayed maybe until September. A longest gap ever, but I can’t help it. I’m just one puny human.

And that’s that. If you don’t mind please share/retweet/etc this news to your other friend. Every spreading will be so much helpful.

Thank you so much! See you later!

– Mimi N

If Howard Schultz gave up after being turned down by banks 242 times, there would be no Starbucks.

Sketch Corner #4

I’m opening World Inverse vol 0 preorder today. If you’re interested for more info you can go to this link ^^

Okaay after a long time, a bit rant here.. I’m so pissed off when I read someone’s comment about their own arts and saying “this is ugly and fail” “I want beat this art up” “so messy, I’m not worth of it”  Cmon…srsly ? I won’t say who is who, and I know some of my close friends do say that too, it’s a common thing and it’s kinda weird angry about that….riddiculous thing, but can I be angry even if it’s just half a day ? I was about to compliment them because their art are so good that I wanted to clap my hands, but because of their words in the description, I backed off. Okay internet man, troll as you wish. I can’t respect people who doesn’t respect their own self.



Ya! Done the rants!

Back on the sketch corner! So last night I tried drawing a male and a female on a pic, and I found a new problem.

Yeah they’re my past OCs too but I forgot their name =))

What’s the problem? The proportion’s comparison. When I first drawing them, it seemed to me like the male and the female’s drawing style was different. Even now, I found they don’t match each other. I don’t know why, is it just my feeling? I mean, when I draw them separately it feel good, the girl was cute, the boy is (quite) good, but when I combine them, it seems off. It’s like they’re from two different comic…

Because I’m curious, I decided to make a comic strip and it becomes a bit… worse. I’m back to my old style and the boys look girlish. The proportion is off..lalala well nothing instant, I’ll have to practice more!


That’s all for today, because tomorrow is sunday I might not upload something tho.

All d’ best

– Mimi N