Warmups till 25.01.2013



Don’t remember when the last I posted this and honestly there’re still more but I’m too lazy to scan them all. I did so many doodle painting too but decide won’t post it or else I’ll be a full-blooded spammer.

my latest commission:


so hard choosing the colour, but gladly it comes out well in the end. I’m sorry for temporarily copying your style, kidchan, but with this pic I experienced that I’m no good at copying artist’s style ._.” it stressed me out, I wont do it again thank you very much.

This below is the pic drawn by my friend, Ritsu, She’s moving to California so we had a meeting before she went and we did art trade ^^




that’s all for today ^^ will post some pics later XD

Secret Valentine Wishlist

Decided to write it here instead of my journal LOL. I’m very thankful to be invited again, I hope I can do the best I draw this time and make the person happy too!


So, for the person who will draw my part, I’m really thankful. You’ll make my days in a few weeks later ^^ I just want you to draw this girl:

and this girl:

well.. the theme is Valentine but don’t make them yuri please. Their relationship is like siblings (though they are not) I look forward how wonderful you’ll draw them in the future! ^^ you can change their clothes if you think it’s confusing!

If you want other references you can read the comic at http://worldinverse.smackjeeves.com


Ah — if you prefer to draw boy then please draw this couple:

yeah it’s the second girl with the boy (not exactly her boyfriend though)


Thank you so much again!

All d’ best

– Mimi N

2012 Art Summary

Ahem! First of all– Merry Christmas! I’ll be away for a week due to holiday, it’s possible I won’t make any other pic than the last one I made in FB/DA , yeah that Yin Yang pic may be the last one of 2012.


Now to the point. Let’s close the year with an art summary! I didn’t do this the past 2 years but now I’m curious to look back what I did this year:

2012 Art Summary Meme Blank


Ahh… I don’t think I’ll explain it month by month. I bet you won’t even read it, right?


You see those pic which I made them a bit reddish? Yeah, February to June (except April) I don’t even know what the hell I drew back then. Those months are when I doodled and doodled and doodled and there’s no decent pic to find. I wonder what was I doing back then? =_=” I have a 4 month gap and start to be serious again in August, thus making me to improve slower this year.

uhm so yeah, there’s an incosistency of colour style, I suppose. I don’t even know if I’m improving or not. But it’s really fun to do those different styles ^^ it’s a good year (except for those 4months which I think I don’t draw any) A really,really good year.


I receive quite a number of commissions and given many jobs, my comic World Inverse sold very well (maybe 150 isn’t a great number but heck, it’s everything to me) also my other oneshot comic 2PM sold quite well too (I recall  53 are sold) I won 3 contests this year: Reinvent OC contest, LYTO contest and Mirai Suenaga contest. It’s a shame I cancel my entry to KKI competition but apparently the entry receive so many positive feedbacks…all is really, really well ^^

With this I suppose my path as illustrator is quite smooth, but as a comic author, I still have a loooooooooong way to go! Especially the faith in myself, the power not to procastinate, the skill to make everything alive. I hope next year I can be better in those aspects! Things will be more challenging next year, be prepared!!


Special thanks to:


My family

My best friends

My editor

KOMIKOO friends

and YOU!

See you next year!! ^^